Common Retirement Planning Services

Fee Packages — all solution, no problem

Because all of our services are designed to help you own the moments that shape your future, we provide as-needed consultation on a fee per service basis. This helps us maintain the independent objectivity our clients count on.

All packages include face-to-face meeting time, research, preparations and post-meeting documentation.

Retirement Roadmap – $2,250

Do you want to know what you need to do to retire when you want, how you want? Our proprietary retirement planning process is for those planning to retire within 5-15 years. This option provides an in-depth review of your current financial standing, your retirement objectives. The process includes:

Current net worth statements

Overall picture of your assets and debts 

Current cash flow statement

Where is your money going and how much should be in your emergency fund? 

Insurance review

Do you have the amount of the right kinds of life, disability and long-term care insurance for your specific needs? 

Investment Policy Statement

How should you be investing your money? 

Review of your current investment portfolio

How is your money invested and what corrective steps do you need to take? 

Retirement capital needs analysis; up to 2 scenarios

Are you saving enough to retire the way you want? 

Retirement Projection

Are you going to run out of money before you die? Using your current savings amount, estimated future spending and other variables, a statistical analysis is performed to understand your readiness for retirement and recommend the changes needed to retire the way you want.

Review of current estate planning documents

Legal advice is not given

Retirement Projection with Detailed Portfolio Review – $1,600

A detailed analysis of your portfolio is added to the Retirement Projection along with security specific recommendations for changes to your investments.

Retirement Projection with Basic Portfolio Review – $1,200

An analysis of your portfolio is added to the Retirement Projection along with recommendations for the investment changes at the asset-class level.

Disclaimer: Price shown is the typical cost paid by clients. Individual client needs vary, which can affect the final cost a client may pay. As part of our consultation, we will inform you of any changes that may affect the price shown. All prices are subject to change without notification.