Post-Divorce Financial Planning

Preparing You for Long Term Success

At JK Financial Planning it is our role to help you understand, evaluate and discuss needed changes to your settlement with your attorney and/or spouse so it meets your long term and short financial goals. Depending on your particular situation, you may desire full ownership of the house, or being bought out from the house. Perhaps you would like all the cash in the bank or prefer to give the retirement account to your spouse. Because every divorce and every situation is different, you need to know your financial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In order to prepare for your post-divorce future, there are four factors to consider. Click on the factors below for more information.

The knowledge of these four factors for both you and your spouse will allow you to negotiate more effectively, understand what you really need and get a settlement that best meets your needs.

The more you understand your current situation, future needs and have the ability to develop creative solutions, the greater chance you have to work through the divorce settlement quickly.

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