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One of Jeff’s guiding values is the need to educate all consumers. Jeff has been quoted by several national media outlets and participated in several consumer education programs. Click below to see some of the recent comments and advice from Jeff.


Conflict in Mediation Between a Needs/Interest Process and Rules/Laws Based Financial Support

Jeff, MSSW Ellene Lammers and Attorney Debora Horberg discuss the conflicts that mediators face when dealing with their clients and the trend in recent years to for divorce process to be driven by mathematical formulas.  American Journal Family Law.  Volume 31 Number 3 Fall 2017

Beginning Investing (Idiot’s Guide)

Danielle Schultz provides an easy to understand guide to people looking to learn more about the complex world of investing.  Jeff was the technical editor, tasked with making sure Danielle provided accurate information to her readers.  Published November 2016.

The Difficulty of Dealing with Impasses in Traditional Divorce Negotiations

Jeff and MSSW Ellene Lammers provide suggestions in this article to litigation attorneys on different way to help get past impasses in different scenarios.  American Journal of Family Law.  Volume 28 Number 3 Fall 2014

Taxes and Financial Settlements in Divorce

Jeff discussed four complexities of the tax rules around financial settlements and divorce in this American Journal of Family Law article.  Volume 25 Number 3 Fall 2011

In the News

Dividing Your Assets in a Gray Divorce

  • Mary Kane discusses the impact of Gray Divorce in this Kiplinger’s Retirement Report article.  Jeff comments on the importance of using a financial professional in your divorce and the flexibility of the Collaborative Divorce process.  August 2018.

5 Tips for Staying Under Your Own Debt Ceiling

  • Dave Carpenter with the Associated Press provides ways to help consumers control their debt and Jeff comments on how to know if you have too much consumer debt. USA Today on July 16, 2011.

Target Date Retirement Funds Grow Popular Among the Retirement Crowd

  • Mark McLaughlin discusses the use of target date funds (TDFs) and the importance of understanding what is “under the hood” and not relying on the name of the fund to choose the right one for you. on May 4, 2011.

Wall Street Journal Voices: Jeff Kostis, On Acting When the Time is Right

  • Harper Willis profiles Jeff and JK Financial Planning and the importance of focusing on what is within your control in his Financial Adviser blog series, VOICES on June 24, 2010.

Wall Street Journal: Advice for the New Grad

  • Jane Hodges lays out advice from different financial planners for recent graduates, including investment advice from Jeff and other members of the Garrett Planning Network in her May 2, 2010 article.

The Money Book

  • This book, published in March 2010 and written by Joseph D’Agnese and Denise Kiernan offer financial help to “non-traditional” works – freelancers, part timers and self-employed people. Joe and Denise tap Jeff’s expertise with retirement planning to discuss the unique options available to this group of people.

New York Times: Money talks to have before marriage

  • Ron Lieber writes about the importance of talking about money before people get married to help reduce the chance of divorce. Jeff comments on the importance of talking through various details and the control issues related to money in this October 24, 2009 article. Financial Makeovers for 2009

  • David McPherson gives advice on how people can put 2008 behind them and get 2009 off to a great start with input from Jeff and other financial planners from around the country in his January 6, 2009 column.

Investment News: Plans to ease withdrawal rules draw criticism

  • Sara Hansard discusses plans by John McCain and Barack Obama to deal with the financial crisis by changing the rules for retirement account withdrawals with input from Jeff and other financial planners on both sides of the issue in her October 19, 2008 article. Net Gains: What to do with your Rebate

  • Jeff Kostis and other financial planners make suggestions for how you can use your tax rebate check in an article written by David McPherson and published in February 2008.

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