Financial Planning for Retirement

Planning for a Thriving Retirement

Do you know the number you need in your bank account to not only retire but to live comfortably during retirement?

We can help.

At JK Financial Planning we work with you to create a retirement plan. Together we will define your goals, understand your current financial position and develop different scenarios that will allow you to make the choices you need to balance enjoying life today and preparing for the retirement you desire.

Focus to Achieve Your Retirement Goals

Retirement is the next chapter in many of our lives.

It can be full of adventure and excitement for reaching new goals and setting new limits for yourself and your family.

In order to be prepared and embrace all that retirement has to offer, we will review the following:

  • All projected cash flow in retirement (Social Security, Annuities, Pensions and Investments)
  • One-time special expenses (Weddings, Specific Philanthropic giving, etc)
  • Investments with a focus on managing losses, the ability to generate income and deal with inflation
  • Income tax management (minimizing taxes over the long term and preparing for required minimum distributions from retirement accounts)

It is imperative to know your risk areas and set yourself up financially for an enjoyable retirement. We are ready to help you have a solid path to walk in your retirement, settled on a firm financial foundation.

Enjoying Your Retirement Years

You need to have a financial plan even after you stop working.

Retirement brings with it a lot freedom and joy, but also some finance-related challenges.  Two of the biggest challenges are turning the money you saved for a lifetime into spendable cash every month and the desire to keep your money safe while also allowing it to grow to outpace inflation. 

Working with JK Financial Planning during your retirement will help you enjoy your golden years by providing you with the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you have control over your finances for your next adventures. 

To prepare for this next phase in your life, contact us for a free introductory meeting.