Financial Planning for Change of Life Situations

A Plan for All of Life’s Big Moments

Life is full of moments that can elicit great excitement or provide you with paralyzing fear.

  • A new child is born
  • Marriage – your own or that of a child’s
  • Buying your first home, upgrading or downsizing your current home
  • Sending a child to college or going back to school yourself
  • Career change – a new entrepreneur, gain or loss of income in your current field or a new adventure all together
  • Divorce
  • Loss of a Spouse
  • Estate Planning
  • Receiving an inheritance or other windfall
  • Retirement Planning

The list goes on and on.

Life is unpredictable, but your finances don’t have to be. You can be prepared for every situation above and many more that may come your way when you have a plan in place and a Fiduciary to back you up.

When someone is there to help you navigate the financial waters, you never need to be concerned that you are adrift without a paddle. Our knowledge is backed by years of experience and consistent education to stay up to date on the current practices and laws.

Our only success is when you succeed and feel confident in your financial situation.

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Always On Your Side

As a Fiduciary it is not only our philosophy but our obligation to stay objective and to keep your best interests top of mind. It is our sole function to establish a financial plan that benefits you and your situation only.  JK Financial Planning does not sell any products, nor do we receive commissions or referral fees from products or service providers we recommend. This is the major benefit of a Fiduciary – we are not beholden to products or the up and down of the markets, we never work on commission and are always concerned with only one objective – helping you establish the best possible financial plan for you.

Our Full Picture Approach

You are more than your finances, more than just a number.

At JK Financial Planning we get to know you beyond your finances. We want to help you achieve your goals, whether those are short term plans such as vacations abroad, sending your kids to school, starting a business or long-term planning for retirement or other life events. 

Depending on your situation we can take a comprehensive or modular approach.

In a comprehensive approach we work with you on your entire financial picture. We complete an in-depth review of your spending, insurance coverage, taxes, investments, retirement planning and estate planning and develop an action plan to meet your goals with step-by-step recommendations to achieve the desired results.

In a modular approach we focus on the areas that are most concerning to you today and address the remaining topics when you are ready.

Regardless of the approach you prefer, recommendations are made that consider your tax situation and goals. We are here to ensure your financial success, accomplishing one goal at a time.

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