Certified Divorce Financial Planner

Your Future Starts Now

Going through a divorce is one of the most emotionally stressful events you will ever face.  Experts can help to guide you through the upcoming challenges. Your attorney is an expert on divorce law.  JK Financial Planning is an expert on the financial implications of divorce.

An Attorney Or A Financial Planner…Both?

An attorney has a specific role in your divorce. They are responsible for the drafting of final documents, making legal arguments and court filings, along with completing legal research and overall representing your legal interests. JK Financial Planning focuses on your financial future. We will review a variety of subjects and documents that an attorney does not focus on.

A Divorce Planner on Your Side

Divorce planning is a highly specialized field. Just as you need to retain an experienced attorney or mediator, you need an experienced financial planner to look out for your short- and long-term financial interest. With JK Financial Planning, you’ll have a clear picture of your financial situation, which can mean the difference between an equitable settlement – or long-term damage to your financial health.

Preparing You for Long Term Success

At JK Financial Planning it is our role to help you understand, evaluate and discuss needed changes to your settlement with your attorney and/or spouse so it meets your long term and short financial goals.

Next Steps

JK Financial Planning can talk with you or you and your spouse together to discuss in more detail which of the above approaches may be the best for your situation. 

Contact JK Financial Planning to set up this exploratory meeting.