Divorce and Financial Planning

An Attorney Or A Financial Planner…Both?

An attorney has a specific role in your divorce. They are responsible for the drafting of final documents, making legal arguments and court filings, along with completing legal research and overall representing your legal interests. JK Financial Planning focuses on your financial future. We do not sugar-coat the truth – we tell you what you need to know in an honest, supportive way to ensure long term financial success. In order to determine your needs, we will review a variety of subjects and documents that an attorney does not focus on, such as:

  • Does your pension statement show what was contributed or its current value?
  • Is your annuity worth fighting for?
  • Does your life insurance policy have any cash value?
  • Does it matter that your divorce will be finalized the day before your 10-year anniversary?
  • Does it matter if I keep my IRA or 401(k) account or do I need to divide both accounts?