Financial Planning

JK Financial Planning has over 15 years of experience in helping those that want to know more about how to control their finances now, learn more below.

Embrace Life’s Changes and Celebrate Your Future

Financial Freedom. Financial Security. Financial Success.

Your finances, and more importantly, feeling in control of those numbers, are how true financial success is defined. Knowing how much money you have now, for when life throws you a curve ball and for that moment when you are ready to stop working and embrace retirement – is key to feeling secure in your life today and tomorrow.

Your Personal Financial Mentor

Certified and Experienced

There are times when our personal finances may overwhelm us, where we may feel like we don’t know everything we should know about each nuance of our finances. This is completely normal!

Unless you are a financial planner, it is rare that you have had any type of formal education about personal finance. It is just not something that many people are offered. You spend your life learning about your chosen profession and are an expert in your field.

Jeff has spent over a decade perfecting his craft and helping people succeed in their financial goals providing expert advice and in-depth knowledge of personal finances.

Client Driven

His passion lies in educating others on their finances so that they may take on their financial goals, armed with knowledge and a clear financial path, or educating them so that they have a clear picture of their finances while he works with them to manage their finances to reach their desired goals.  It’s All About Your Financial Success.

Jeff Kostis is JK Financial Planning. He is not a firm of hundreds that sees you as just another number. He cares about every client and their financial well-being. Jeff will help you understand every aspect of your finances and offer financial guidance with easy to understand and valuable advice.

With Jeff by your side, you are awarded with all the benefits of a formal education and complete access to a financial mentor, without intimidation or the pressures of many financial firms.

JK Financial Planning provides you with a plan that is specified to meet your exact needs. There are no set plans for every challenge, no blueprint that defines your specific situation and every person needs something a bit different from a financial planner because everyone defines success differently.

You may be seeking a one-time coach for a life change or a manager for your entire portfolio. As a Fiduciary and an independent firm, JK Financial Planning is able to coach you on exactly what you need without the pressure of sales. Recommendations are made based on the best fit for your specific financial situation. 

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